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What To Do When Death Occurs

The moment a loved one passes away can often be overwhelming but understanding what to do when a death occurs can ease the burden of stress and provide a sense of direction during this difficult time. Depending upon where your loved one passes away, or the circumstances of the death will determine who needs to [...]

What To Do When Death Occurs2019-01-03T10:28:52-06:00

Unique Dignified Services for Veterans

All veterans deserve to be honored for their incredible sacrifices and their time spent in the service. Here at Cremation Society of Missouri, we are proud to honor our country’s veterans with unique dignified services. Our Honoring our Veterans Package offers a simple solution for families who would like to have a military service for [...]

Unique Dignified Services for Veterans2018-12-11T08:40:48-06:00

Choosing a Columbarium

Once the decision has been made to use cremation as the method of disposition the question of what to do with the cremated remains arises. Families have many options such as burial, scattering, or keeping the cremated remains at home. However, there is another option that is becoming popular amongst families choosing cremation; this alternative [...]

Choosing a Columbarium2018-11-08T06:50:44-06:00