New Cremation Memorial Choices

In recent years, families choosing to inter their loved ones by the way of cremation has become increasingly popular. With this, families are also choosing unique ways to honor their loved one through personalized memorials rather than scattering or housing all of their remains in an urn. Instead, remains are being divided to be buried in a [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions

With every new year comes a list of new year’s resolutions. This year focus on yourself as well as your grief. To start, we've found a list of 8 steps to assist in your grief in the new year.   8 tips to resolve grief: Don't be tough on yourself. Be gentle. Grief is unique [...]

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Grief During the Holidays

Grief can be complicated and can take time to overcome, it doesn’t just stop when the clock hits midnight and a new year has begun. With the holiday season soon coming to an end you may feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with grief. There are simple things that are easy to work into your everyday life [...]

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Simple Tips for People Living with Grief

In the upcoming winter months, the feeling of grief may become more prevalent in your everyday life. It is natural to have these feelings when a loved one dies. The best thing you can do for yourself is to allow yourself to grieve naturally and take advantage of healthy ways to cope with the loss [...]

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Why Families Choose Us

We are the experts you can trust to care for your loved one with no hidden fees or add-ons. Our pricing is all-inclusive, low cost and we offer several packages. Please click here to for more information or call us at 636-946-9896.

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Planning Ahead

At the Cremation Society of Missouri, we make planning ahead simple. To receive a FREE planning kit, please click here to fill out a short form. By planning ahead with our kit, you're able to lock in today's rates while relieving your family from the emotional burden of possible overspending.

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5 Simple Reasons to Plan Ahead

Have you ever considered planning ahead for your final wishes? Here are 5 simple reasons why planning ahead is the most beneficial. Ease the burden on your family and eliminates overspending.   You want your final wishes to be followed.   Lock in today's cremation and funeral costs.   Get the details right   Prevent [...]

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4 Tips for Memory Making on the 4th of July

What do you think of when you think of 4th of July? There are fireworks and parades, patriotic songs and speeches, parties and picnics, but what’s the underlying element in all of it? For most people, it’s family. Maybe your favorite Independence Day memory is that time your uncles were shooting off fireworks, and one [...]

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Veterans Receive Benefits at the Cremation Society of Missouri

Did you know honorable discharged veterans receive many benefits through the Cremation Society of Missouri? Burial plot for veteran, spouse, and dependent children at a National Cemetery or Saint Charles Memorial Gardens Headstone or grave marker U.S. flag for burial purposes Military honors for the veteran Full military honors for military or service-related death   Click [...]

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