Fingerprint Jewelry

Imagine being able to feel your loved one’s touch everything single day even after they pass away. Imagine having a keepsake that keeps the memory of your loved one with you and makes you feel close to them even on the hardest days; this is what fingerprint jewelry is all about. Fingerprint jewelry is a one of a kind keepsake that can memorialize your loved one by engraving their unique fingerprint into a piece of jewelry. This is keepsake allows you to touch and feel the lines and wrinkles of your loved ones fingerprint every day.

The jewelry options to choose from are endless and offer so many ways to make the keepsake personalized. Necklace and bracelets pendants and charms are available in different shapes and have a space for personalized engraved messages.

Fingerprint lockets are also an option and allow a space for a photo of your loved one next to their fingerprint along with space for personalized engraved messages. Both the locket and necklace options come in various types of metals such as gold, silver, and rose gold. For men who are looking for a memorializing fingerprint options, rings and dog tags are available, and both have space for personalized engraved messages.

Fingerprint rings are available in various types of metals and are an eternal reminder of your loved one that keeps their memory close at hand every day.

The dog tag fingerprint jewelry is a masculine option that keeps the memories of your loved one close to your heart. Even after a loved one passes away it is important to honor their life and reflect on the memories you shared with them. Fingerprint jewelry is always a beautiful keepsake option to remember your loved one.


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