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Cremation Containers

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Ceremonial Cherry Cremation ContainersCeremonial Cherry

Solid Cherry, rosetan crepe with full size pillow, crepe overlay – $2095

Linford Rental Cremation ContainersThe Linford Rental

Exterior hardwood, rosetan crepe with full size pillow, crepe overlay, interior cremation containers – $1695

The Havana Transporter Cremation ContainersThe Havana Transporter

Corrugated fiberboard construction with printed paper exterior with a finished crepe interior – $275

Ceremonial Oak Cremation ContainersCeremonial Oak

Solid Oak, rosetan crepe with full size pillow, crepe overlay – $1895

Fiber Oval Board Cremation ContainersFiber Oval Board

Cloth covered corrugated fiberboard with a finished ivory crepe interior – $995

Cardboard Alternative Cremation ContainersCardboard Alternative Container

Corrugated cardboard with no interlining material – $65
*included in the $895 package

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