5 Facts of our Cremation Society

The Cremation Society of Missouri is a simple alternative that includes a 100% Service & Price Guarantee. We have been the premier specialist in cremation services for families of Eastern Missouri since 1935 by having a simple arrangement process. During a difficult time, some people can make everything seem more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We offer simple services with packages that are easy to follow.

Below are Five Facts You Need to Know about the Cremation Society of Missouri

1. Experience: Cremation Society of Missouri was one of the first companies in Missouri to specialize in simple cremation. We have been doing it since 1935.

2. Our Pricing is All Inclusive: No hidden fees, no surprises. Everything you need for a complete cremation is included in one simple price.

3. We Are Not a Funeral Home: We are an independently owned cremation facility. We keep our services priced fairly for those who want simple cremation services with no hidden fees.

4. No Third Parties: Once your loved one is transferred into our care, they do not leave it. Our certified crematory operators perform all of our cremations at our crematory right in St. Peters.

5. More Choices: Simple does not mean cutting service. We have urns, memorial books, and other items you can purchase for use at a memorial service if you choose to have one. We also have packages that include private goodbye time for a few family members.


For more information about our services, pricing, and planning process, please click here or call 636-946-9896 today to speak with our dedicated staff.


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