5 Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

The Cremation Society of Missouri has 5 ways you can memorialize your loved one throughout the year without spending an excessive amount of money.

  1. Plant a tree in honor of your loved one. This can be done at home, at a local park, or possibly some place your loved one enjoyed going to. A plaque can also be placed by the tree to denote it was planted in remembrance.
  2. Tend to a garden. Creating a garden and adding new flowers and plants to it each year can give you time to reflect and remember your loved one.
  3. Attend a remembrance or support program. Many funeral homes and churches in the area offer free remembrance programs and grief support groups throughout the year. The programs are developed to help in the healing process of your grief, and allows your family to come together.
  4. Balloon, bubble or lantern release. Write a note to your loved one, and tie it to a balloon or lantern and release it into the sky. If you are releasing bubbles, saying a prayer or quietly reflecting on memories of your loved one before the release ceremony can also be done.
  5. Plan a trip. Did your loved one enjoy the beach, or going on walks/hikes? Plan a trip – either alone or with family to travel to a location your loved one enjoyed most. Doing so can allow you to spiritually connect with them, and if you’re traveling with family, it allows time for stories to be shared.

For additional ideas on how to memorialized your loved one, call the Cremation Society of Missouri today at 636-946-9896.


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