Choosing an Urn

Choosing an urn can be a very personal decision and often people aren’t aware of the different options they can choose from. Most people are accustomed to seeing the traditional vase shaped urn that has a narrow neck and is sealed with a lid or cover. The traditional urn is still a very common choice, but urns also come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors allowing families to find the perfect urn to honor their loved one.

One of the first things families need to consider when choosing an urn is where the final resting place of the urn will be. The type of urn that is chosen will depend upon whether the cremated remains are going to scattered, buried, put in a columbarium, or stay in the home of a loved one. If a family is choosing to scatter they may decide on a scattering urn.  Whereas, if a family is choosing to keep their loved ones cremated remains in their home they may choose an urn that doesn’t resemble a traditional urn. When the final resting place of the urn has been decided the family should consider the quantity of urns they want. While some families choose to place their loved ones cremated remains in one urn, others choose to share the cremated remains by placing them in small keepsake urns. For families who are scattering and want to keep a small portion of the remains, a keepsake is a great option. Keepsakes are also a great option for families who have multiple children or siblings who all want to keep a small portion of their loved ones cremated remains in their own home.

Lastly, once the final resting place of the cremated remains and the quantity of urns needed has been chosen the family can start deciding on the style, color, and material of the urn. Families can choose from traditional shaped urns, wood urns, metal urns, colorful urns, or urns personalized with engraving. This part of the decision process should be meaningful, and the choice made should be personal. The urn chosen should be remindful of the loved one lost and the memories the family shared with them. With so many different options families can confidently select the urn that is right for their needs and honors their loved one.



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