Common Questions Surrounding Cremation

When a loved ones dies, there are many questions that begin to arise. “Would my loved one want a traditional funeral or cremation?”  “What is a Cremation Society?”  “What are my options with cremation?” 

At the Cremation Society of Missouri, we are here to answer your questions, and to guide you in making confident, informed decisions that are best for you and your family. Should you have a question, or are looking for guidance in making a decision, please contact us at 636-946-9896 or click here to submit a question to our online form. 

Is a cremation society the right choice for my loved one?

“The decision to select cremation is a personal one, but many people today do select cremation for several reasons. Our cremation society was formed because many people felt they wanted a simpler and less expensive option for their loved one. If you choose to select cremation instead of burial for a loved one, you are not alone. Talking with your family and your loved one will help you decide on what is the right choice for you.”

Does selecting cremation mean I can’t gather with family or have a service at my church?

“Instead of limiting your options, those who choose cremation find there are unlimited ways to memorialize a loved one. You and your family can create a simple or elaborate event at any location and celebrate their life. Gathering at a favorite restaurant, park or even attending a sporting event together in the persons honor is possible. Your church can also assist you in conducting a service or gathering at a time that is convenient to everyone.”

How can I ensure my loved one will be taken care with respect and dignity?

“Selecting a quality firm that will take care of your loved one is important. One of the most important questions to ask is if they own and operate their own crematory. By law, you must receive a General Price List which will detail out all expenses in a clear way, so you are aware of charges. Be sure to ask questions and choose a provider that answers your questions in a helpful and caring manner.”
“On behalf of all of our staff, please know we are sorry if you are facing an end of life issue for yourself or a loved one. We know this is a painful time and hope this information is helpful to you. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime.”


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