New Cremation Memorial Choices

In recent years, families choosing to inter their loved ones by the way of cremation has become increasingly popular. With this, families are also choosing unique ways to honor their loved one through personalized memorials rather than scattering or housing all of their remains in an urn. Instead, remains are being divided to be buried in a special place of remembrance, kept in small keepsake urns for each family member, and even being placed in jewelry, or used in a way to commemorate their loved one that fits their personality.

For instance, cremated remains can now be launched high into the sky into outer space or used in a fireworks display. They can also be used to make a coral reef deep below sea level.

Other personalized tributes include using cremated remains to be made into diamonds, glass jewelry, pottery, paintings, and placed inside of bracelets, watches, and necklaces.

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Urns have also become more uniquely made, with some being individually hand-crafted wooden urns made in Italy. Made using beautiful craftsmanship, a specialty urn, and a matching memento keepsake can represent the individuality of a loved one and your personal memories of them.

The Cremation Society of Missouri offers many options for families choosing to memorialize the legacy of a loved one in a way that is uniquely personal. For more information or to speak with our Licensed Funeral Director regarding available options, please visit or call us directly at (636) 946-9896


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