New Year’s Resolutions

With every new year comes a list of new year’s resolutions. This year focus on yourself as well as your grief. To start, we’ve found a list of 8 steps to assist in your grief in the new year.


8 tips to resolve grief:

  1. Don’t be tough on yourself. Be gentle. Grief is unique to each person, and no person will grieve the death of someone in the same way. In addition, you may also grieve separate deaths differently. Try to remember there is no schedule to end your grief, and it can vary from person to person. Don’t feel pressured to fit into a timeframe or to meet anyone’s expectations of when grief should end.
  2. Surround yourself with support. As you grieve, you will find that friends may react differently. It is important to seek out and maintain communication with those friends who are supportive of your grief and healing process.
  3. Engage in a hobby. Hobbies are a healthy outlet to express yourself and to maintain a positive mental health state. Walking, crafts, reading, or any other escape you enjoy will allow you to release built-up negativity.
  4. Be honest. If you’re having a difficult day, know that it is OK to express your feelings. Moments of difficult grief can appear at any time and at any place. There is no need to put on a facade of being happy if that isn’t truly what you’re feeling.
  5. Say your loved one’s name aloud. This can be painful, but it is important for the memory of your loved one to continue.
  6. Live life. Many times, when someone is moving through a difficult grieving period, they can become stuck, resulting in them wanting to be alone. Remember to seek the support of your family and friends. Their presence and listening ears allow for positivity to enter back into your life.
  7. Remember. Attend remembrance programs throughout the year or develop your own day of remembrance.
  8. Seek professional assistance. Attending support groups or meeting with a grief counselor can be a very healing experience. It allows for you to openly express yourself in a safe environment with those who have had a similar experience as you or who has help others who are grieving.




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