The Importance of Power of Attorney

When a loved one passes away, understanding who has the rights to make the funeral arrangements can be a confusing and difficult topic to understand. By law the legal next of kin is often responsible for marking funeral arrangements, unless a Power of Attorney (POA) has been legally designated.

Typically, the legal next of kin goes in order of spouse, children, parents, followed by siblings. However, if a POA has been set in place, the sole responsibility to make and pay for the funeral arrangements lies with this individual.

Having a Power of Attorney set in place to make medical and financial decisions is critical in circumstances where there are several legal next of kin. Families who have multiple children or siblings have an increased potential for conflict when coming to a mutual decision on medical and funeral arrangements.

At Cremation Society of Missouri, we require all legal next of kin to be in agreeance on the choice of final disposition and sign off on the necessary cremation documents. Since Cremation Society of Missouri require all legal next of kin to agree and sign the paperwork, having a legally designated Power of Attorney makes the funeral arrangement a more seamless process.

Designating a Legal Power of Attorney can bring you and your family peace of mind knowing someone you trust can make those important decisions for you if you or your next of kin are unable to.


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  1. Penny May 12, 2019 at 10:03 pm - Reply

    A Power of Attorney ceases to be valid upon the death of the person for whom it was created. So how could one’s Attorney-in-Fact have authority to make funeral arrangements based solely on a document which is no longer valid?

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